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Apart from web and graphics, we can perform certain other multimedia services and web services. Following are the various such services we offer:

Music and jingle production

Music and audio services is one of the major services we provide. If you are looking for an ad jingle or a background score or maybe a beat for a song or a custom song for your product/organization's identity, we can do it for you!

Sound editing and mixing

In this regard, we can help you (as the name suggests) with mixing multiple audio tracks, usually inputs recorded at some other studio with one or more background tracks. We can also help with basic things like adding effects to tracks, reducing noise levels, etc. You can check out our work samples on the websites of Kacey Bridges and B-Reft respectively.

Social media optimization

Wish you could regularly create content on your social media pages to keep your users engaged? We can create a monthly plan for your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn pages and execute the same on your behalf so you can be sure that your Facebook/Twitter stay updated about what your business is up to.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Most development agencies have efficient programmers/designers to design websites. However, it is very rarely that these programmers/developers know that a single line of code can result in your competitor's site ranking higher on a SERP than yours. We can help you optimize your website to ensure that it puts up its best when it comes to search engine rankings.

Website review/audit

Ever thought of getting a neutral 3rd party opinion about your existing website and whether you should go about improving it or get a new one to replace it? We can study your website and help you with suggestions which would help you improve it. Besides, if your website was designed a long time back, you should consider a review of your site to ensure that your site is at par with your competitors website as on date.

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  • Greenpill was extremely responsive and able to complete the task with little oversight. We'll definitely use them again.

    PGMNY, New York

  • We received just the type of site that we needed to reflect our corporate identity; we're getting visitors and queries from abroad and we just love it!

    GS Marketing Associates

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