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Are you tired of maintaining hand-written records? Do you think its a wastage of your employee's time when he is sent out to search for an age-old detail which you thought was never important? If you looking for ways to save time and effort and want your office to be computer-friendly, we can help you with solutions tailor-made to your organizational needs so that a man does a man's work and a computer does a computers'.

Features we offer

Following are the key features we usually try and pack in to the web applications we develop:

  • Ease of access: This helps a user find his/her way around the site with ease with the least number of clicks possible.
  • Access control: This allows you to choose the level of access which various users have. You can allow/deny any user to access any particular feature based on your requirements.
  • Friendly UI: We try to make User Interface as intuitive as possible, with the help of icons and appropriate messages so that any person with working knowledge of computers can easily figure out how things would work.
  • Quality of code: We put in our best efforts to ensure good quality of codes with proper coding standards to ensure proper maintenance of your portal/application.

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Client Testimonials

  • Greenpill was extremely responsive and able to complete the task with little oversight. We'll definitely use them again.

    PGMNY, New York

  • We received just the type of site that we needed to reflect our corporate identity; we're getting visitors and queries from abroad and we just love it!

    GS Marketing Associates

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